Some Experiences to Remember in Case Of a Sleep Paralysis


There are some experiences that are to be remembered for the lifetime. These may not be one of those good experiences though. These are certain encounters that are to be experienced at any point of someone's lifetime. These are usually dark and mostly grim. They encountered experiences where individuals could see faces of unknown beings, those sitting exactly on one edge of the bed and starting at the person. There is a feeling of suffocation and an urge to scream but unfortunately the person can't do that. They are unable to move as well. There are many people who tend to face certain situations that they could not expressed in words.

Experiences of different people

There are people who have mentioned of the presence of unnatural figures during their sleep. They caused no harm physically but caused them mentally and psychologically. People have been experiencing it for years and still do. However there are cases where people do not actually face anything abnormal. These people are mostly surrounded with supportive family and a great group of friends to provide all the support one needs during this phase. However it is not really possible for individuals who are not a victim to this to understand their state of mind.

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